Monday, February 25, 2008

Found Poetry: Viruses are Lyrical

My friends can tell you that I’m prone to clapping my hands when I like things. I sometimes even look like one of those silly seals from cartoons or like one of Eddie Murphy's characters from the Nutty Professor-like films. I think it’s the fact that I’m a ten-year-old inside (4th grade was a very good year for me) and that I spend my summers working at a camp for inner-city/at-risk/some other term (i.e. kids who need the time and space to be kids). Uh oh -- my soap box is flashing!

What do I clap my hands about?

Found Poetry Using the Names of Viruses (in Flash! Form!).
Source: Boing Boing incites daily hand claps (for realz). has lots of cool flashy things.

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