Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pacific Ocean

Candy Corn Cones

I've avoided all the Halloween-related art posted every which way I turn, but I can't help but throw this ring into the bowl: Candy Corn Cones? Excuse me. Brilliant. I want to make my own.

Friday, October 30, 2009

why people be mad at me sometimes -- Lucille Clifton

why people be mad at me sometimes

they keep asking me to remember
but they want me to remember
their memories
and i keep remembering mine.

-- Lucille Clifton

An oldie & a goodie : I never tire of Clifton's sassiness.

Octopi, Tattoos, Oh My -- Cuttlefish

Everyone knows I heart octopi -- oh, you didn't? well, now you know -- and if I could make a decision/settle on an image/not worry about being allergic to the ink, I'd definitely invest in an octopus tattoo.

Is there any question why I love this animal? Water-based. Flowing tentacles. Misunderstood "monsters." Uses ink as its defense. Awesome plural form of word. Come on, come on.

Behold, a stunning cuttlefish tattoo. I drool. I drool. Not an octopus -- thanks, commenters -- but reminds me of one (all those sprawling pieces, oh my).

Done at No Hope No Fear Tattoo in Portland, OR
30 Hours of Work
Lusty Business

Free Taster's Choice

To make art, don't you need caffeination?
If you're an artist, chances are high you're broke.
Free coffee-type business? Golden.

Mos Def, Black Thought, & Eminem?!

Scuse me. Mos Def, Black Thought, & EMINEM? What?

Thanks to Luke for throwing it up on his blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Threadless -- Tang Yau Hoong -- My Striped Shirt

It's no secret that I adore Threadless's work. Here, you can find hot lil' numbers at an affordable price that are as creative as they are unique. Lovin' the democratization of it all: Folks can vote on designs & everyone has an equal shot at havin' their designs printed on a tee, hoodie, or onesie. Oh man. Wouldn't it be awesome to one day have adult onesies sold on the site? I drool at the thought.

Threadless pick of the day = My Striped Shirt by Tang Yau Hoong

One more by the same artist? Aight : 5.

Hoong's Flickr

Ryo Tomo -- Print It Up

Artist = Ryo Tomo

End of the World [2008]
Up North
Buy Prints via Etsyy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Madelyn Smoak + Jewelry + OCTOPUS

Whoa, you see this piece?

Artist = Madelyn Smoak

I'd probably run into things 'cause I'd be starin' at my chest day in and day out. I'd sleep with this piece. I'd shower with this piece. I'd be crazy and in love with this piece. Future Tense? Plz. Present tense all the way, whether I own it or not.

No matter: it's epic. Look at it!

Hope Gangloff

Hope Gangloff


Ibai Acevedo Larranaga

Artist = Ibai Acevedo Larranaga

Look at that HOUSE.

"Yo, Why you on my perch?"

Monday, October 26, 2009

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

How cool is this book?
It's There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
with illustrations of the woman's stomach!
Jeremy Holmes = Artist

You can buy this hot lil' number of a book here.


Generation -- Rae Armantrout

Generation -- Rae Armantrout

We know the story.

She turns
back to find her trail
devoured by birds.

The years; the


Signs of stellar work:
-- You read/look/interact with it more than once
-- You think about it well after the last line's finished
-- Every single choice -- stroke, word, line break -- seems considered
-- Multiple meanings, new meanings, another layer with each glance

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gotham -- Robinson


Artist = Robinson

Evening at a Country Inn -- Jane Kenyon

Evening at a Country Inn
by Jane Kenyon

From here I see a single red cloud
impaled on the Town Hall weather vane.
Now the horses are back in their stalls,
and the dogs are nowhere in sight
that made them run and buck
in the brittle morning light.

You laughed only once all day –
when the cat ate cucumbers
in Chekhov's story. . .and now you smoke
and pace the long hallway downstairs.

The cook is roasting meat for the evening meal,
and the smell rises to all the rooms.
Red-faced skiers stamp past you
on their way in; their hunger is Homeric.

I know you are thinking of the accident –
of picking the slivered glass from his hair.
Just now a truck loaded with hay
stopped at the village store to get gas.
I wish you would look at the hay –
the beautiful sane and solid bales of hay.

As Seen Here

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

RJ Sakai

RJ Sakai

Inspiration for shirt = California's coast.
Me? Smitten. Lustin' for this shirt.
Shirt = $17.00,

Stylophone Beatbox: Brett Domino & Steven Peavis

OMG: I love Stylophone Beatbox. Brett Domino & Steven Peavis perform classic hip-hop songs using Stylophone Beatbox instruments. Songs include: "Rapper's Delight" & "Jump Around."

Ian Davis

Lovin' the play with numbers, repetition, and scale.
For some reason, the colors/line work remind me a lil' of Grandma Moses.




Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jamie Hewlett, Jezebel, Under Water Colours

I don usually read Jezebel to experience art. Usually, I frolic around that website looking for the latest news and snarky insights from folks that remind me of my closest friends. You know, it's news, feminism, sass, and pop culture in one place. What more could a gal ask for?

And yet, their post about artist Jamie Hewlett turned me onto some stellar art.
"LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 16: A woman views a watercolour by artist Jamie Hewlett, which he painted following a trip to Char Atra in Bangladesh, in Dray Walk Gallery on October 16, 2009 in London, England. A collection of nine works by Jamie Hewlett entitled 'Under Water Colours' were organised by the international development charity Oxfam and aim to highlight how climate change is affecting people around the world. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)"

His commentary/descriptions of the images are equally interesting. See the following:
"'This is one of my little friends, [Zahid Hossain, aged 5] looking up at the sky wondering when the rains will come.' Jamie Hewlett "

He says of the image at the heart of the Jezebel piece:
"We followed these two girls in the village looking happy and smiling. The children always looked so innocent. I wanted to portray the next generation and their future in an optimistic but realistic way – and show what a beautiful place Char Atra is. I think many people have sadly become numb (or immune) to footage of dying children. If people can relate to a picture, then it can sometimes have more of an impact. Showing two children being playful, walking down a path with their arms around each other is a connection that people here might understand from their own or their children's experiences."

Oh, and Hewlett? Yeah, he's the rockstar artist behind the Gorillaz and my favorite Tank Girl business.

Raquel Aparicio

There's SO MUCH going on in this artist's work. There's what draws your eye in, and then there's the slow widening of focus when the details come into focus. What vision. What a sense of perception. I like this tunnel-type work so very much.

Drawing for an exhibition for MedioDiaChica

Anaya Ed › Russian Fairy tales

From the Very personal drawings series.
via Here

The Joy of Text

Matt Cipov

Artist = Matt Cipov

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the edge of edge - Jennifer Michael Hecht

"If you are going to use a latter to prune the plum trees please get a spotter and use her. If you are in Lincoln Center hunting ballet dancers, use a leotard spotter. If in Kenya shutter-hunting big cats, use a leopard spotter. If throwing bowls and the King of Belgium, use a Leopold's Potter. If you are an aquatic rat better sexy than your bff, you are the hotter otter. Go to Boston. Find a priest. Call him Fodder."

from "the edge of edge" by Jennifer Michael Hecht

Luke Ramsey

I can't get enough of Luke Ramsey.
In particular, I'm fond of the way this artist plays with lines -- yes, plural! -- and shakes things up with his images. And of course, there's all that detail, all that sass-snark-tongue-in-cheek-smack-da-system humor/critique....

From the Walrus Magazine

A piece inspired by the economy

You gotta like a guy who describes his work as "bobs of art."

Maximilian Sedlak -- Design Days

Maximilian Sedlak

Design Days

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pete Goldlust -- Carved Crayons

Pete Goldlust's carved crayons.

via Here

Visual Scores: Vasily Kandinsky & Trimpin

I could get lost in: the following artists' work, the very IDEA of a visual score, my own back-forth-forth-back business of what it means to experience sound. Look!

Trimpin's "Score for PHFFFT"

This is a visual score "after" or inspired by Vasily Kandinsky (his work is below: be patient). Trimpin's explanation is as interesting as the piece itself. "I remember as a child helping to build huge, wooden discs to set on fire at night and roll off a ramp to hang in the air and fall into the valley below, as part of an old German festival. I heard the whistling and crackling of the wet wood as it rolled down the ramp and thought of opera. I asked the other boys, `Do you hear that?' They said no. I like to think my work enables other people to hear what I hear."

Okay, so here's the source of inspiration:
Vasily Kandinsky's "Succession, April 1935"

A piece inspired by this piece. Let your eyes settle on the shapes and colors. Talk about a new way of mapping out chords. Or rather, would it be a new-old or an old-new way since the piece was made forever ago? Regardless, you can still catch my drift if you don't get too hung up on the (MY) details. A visual response to sound / "the visual implications of sound" / collision and then separation of senses / measure, score, and record(ing)s : Do you hear/see my (un)reeling?