Saturday, February 9, 2008

Recovering Liberal Arts Junkie

I am ruined: I am the academic version of the fallen woman. I can’t read or look or see a thing without dissecting it. I want to have a sharp eye, but I also want to see things in a moving way. I’m not saying ignorance is bliss, but there are times when I miss the breathless bliss of discovery.

Is love still possible? Yes, of course: let's veer from the self-indulgent existential blubbering.

My dreams have come true: hip hop violin performed by a boy who is as socially conscious as he is talented. I love Daniel Davis's music. I first experienced his playing when I went down to South Carolina to help Barack Obama's primary run. Davis warmed the crowd up before Obama spoke, and by the end of his set, there wasn't a person left sitting: looking as if in awe, the crowd soon lifted to shake and sway. I think it was particularly moving because the first song he played had a track of Martin Luther King looping in the back.



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