Monday, February 25, 2008

T-Shirts Telling Stories [and not the sort with Tweety Bird sqawking out "Hawt" in Bubble Letters]

Re-Shirt Makes Me Whistle and Clap!

“The Re-Shirt is different from its used compatriots in that it has a story to tell. It all starts with a T-shirt that someone associates with a special memory: an important career step, an unforgettable football match, a demonstration in Guatemala, the feeling of an entire stage in their life. These shirts are collected, quality inspected, and put on display at When one of these shirts is purchased, it is given its very own orange Re-Shirt Label, a number is printed on it, and it begins a new registered life. Every future owner can now document the experiences they have with their Re-Shirt online and continue the story of this piece of clothing."

Do you want one? I know I do.

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