Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Many of my friends are obsessed with pirates. They make bad jokes about swabbing the deck, wear eye patches to parties, use one of those Facebook application things (don't get me started on those), and talk about their booty in a way that doesn't refer back to some celebrity or crush.

Did you know there are still pirates in the world but that they're of the eco-friendly kind? WHAT?

Swindle - an amazing blog you all should check out - talks about it here. Here's a lil' excerpt:

“Last November, the New Yorker reported on marine environmental crusader/eco pirate, Paul Watson (photographed above, for the New Yorker by the legendary James Nachtwey). Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, patrols the oceans, meting out punishment to whalers, seal hunters and fishing vessels that target endangered species. He flies his own version of the dreaded skull and cross bones, and chases down offenders in a ship armored with a ‘steel I-beam that is propelled outward from the ship’s starboard side and is used to scrape the hulls of adversaries.’"

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