Saturday, March 29, 2008

Longitude and Latitude Revisited

I'm definitely digging Paula Scher's paintings. Much of her work depicts entire continents, countries and cities that have been n recent headlines. For example, her "Tsunami" piece focuses on the region affected by natural disaster. Using text, image, shape, and color, she is able to evoke the tragedy's effects (grief and violence in a swirling image that mimics he storm's path).

Do you see all of the detail?
I just think these pieces are overwhelmingly complex.
Oooh: adverb (I must like this work if I'm using adverbs).



Here's an excerpt about it from the Maya Stendhal Gallery's website:

Israel (2007) presents the country and bordering countries including Egypt, Palestine, Jordon, Syria, and Iran. Text representing cities and regions is written in varying, haphazard directions communicating a visual sense of conflict and discord.

Israel (in detail)



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