Monday, March 10, 2008

Potluck Poetry

I love a good potluck. I’ve hosted/brainstormed many an event – veggie potlucks, cupcakes and champagne, etc. – and my favorite piece of the process is seeing what people bring. Well, we now have a literary potluck:

PotLatch Poetry promotes an exchange economy surrounding poetry books, chapbooks, journals and ephemera: a revolving bookshelf, moving material through the hands of writers across the world.

PotLatch is concerned with the inherent limitations of a regionalized, institutionalized, or otherwise constrained exchange of literature. It exists to enliven and expand a spirit of trading and gifting.

Every item on PotLatch is either for free or trade.”

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Site Admin (a.k.a. James Belflower) said...

Hello Push Pin glory,

Thanks so much for the plug. We at Potlatch Poetry greatly appreciate it. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your "potluck" experience better. You know, avoid the green bean casserole, watch out for the orange jello salad those aren't nuts in there." That type of thing!

Check out the new updates and events when you get a chance.