Saturday, April 19, 2008

ING Direct

I want to share the love about ING Direct.

I recently opened an ING Direct Savings Account (and one of their CDs,) and loved the experience. It's super easy, and the site's interest rates are competitive (even with the Feds. playing Zorro with interest rates). Right now, the Savings account is at 3% interest and the 12 month CD is at 3.3% (they were higher before the interest slaying).

In fact, when I opened my Savings Account, I received a free $25 because 1. my pal Jessica sent me a referral and 2. I deposited an initial $250. Free money for saving? Come on now. That's awesome.

The whole thing is super legit (check out the dozens of forums and financial blogs that rah rah rah about ING Direct).

Click here for more information.
Also, if you'd like me to send you a referral, email me at

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