Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember Your Old Yearbook?

The yearbooks my from my elementary days have NY-style mullets (don't let people tell you southern folk are the only ones who had a party in the back). Me? I look pissed even when I smile. Seriously. Well, except in 5th grade: I saw my teacher stumble and gave a real grin. See? Rebel with a cause.

Anyway. This is amazing:

"In his project "Excelsior 1968", John Martz of Robot Johnny turned the photographs of every single person in his mother’s 1968 Toronto High School yearbook into cartoons:

'Last year I redrew my mother’s entire high school yearbook from 1968—over a thousand heads. Good cartooning, to me, is all about simplification, and this was a fun experiment in distilling each person’s likeness down to a simple cartoon version and learning to draw efficiently, with both speed and as few details as possible.'"

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