Monday, June 2, 2008


A lot of my friends read but have little knowledge/love/awareness when it comes to poetry. When asked what they should read, I often blink at them and talk with my hands. It's hard to pin-point what a person will like, and I am hesitant to promote the canon when there are DIY folk pumping their veins full of caffeine/tea/yoga/rockstarbathtubdanceparties to generate some intense and lovely work.

So, I recommend checking out some chapbooks. They're lil' and most come from small presses with awesome folk who know the lyrics to "Ms. Jackson," read Jezebel, and aren't ashamed to have a veggie barbecue complete with pink plastic flamingos and impromptu dances inspired by punctuation.

I like Finishing Line's chapbooks a lot (and nope: I don't know anyone who works there, do not have a book of my own to promote, etc.). Quite simply: I just like their stuff.

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