Friday, February 20, 2009

Kate Lawrence

This three-dimensional quilt is incredible. Not only is its execution stunning, not only is the color palette incredible, but it's subject matter is enough to make me pause. The collision of image and word, the spatial manipulations, and the quilting signal that this is an artist to watch. BRB: going to look at the quilts again.

Artist = Kate Lawrence: This is her blog.

More information about the project + two other quilts are available via this link.

The facts were these (as written by the artist):

"I had a friend in high school with some fairly severe emotional issues. She used to cut, starve herself, that kind of thing. She was an absolute slave for attention, and even though I loved her, she exhausted me. When I got a boyfriend, I guess she felt threatened or something. One night, while her parents were out of town and she was babysitting her little sister, I got a call from her sister that she wouldn't come out of the bathroom and there was red water coming out from under the door. I drove over there as fast as I could, broke the doorknob on their bathroom door, and found her lying in the tub, blood everywhere. She'd slit her wrists. I got her out and took them both to the hospital (her parents wouldn't come home from their trip--ugh), but then I realized something. She'd tried to kill herself once before, and she knew the direction you're supposed to cut to kill yourself. Yet this time, she cut the wrong way. It bleeds a hell of a lot and is really scary, but isn't likely to kill you. I figured out, both by my own deduction and by talking to her, that she had done it for the attention...basical ly, to test her hold over me. I made sure her sister was taken care of, called her parents, then left and never spoke to her again. You want to help people, but there's a point when it just gets too toxic."

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