Thursday, October 29, 2009

Threadless -- Tang Yau Hoong -- My Striped Shirt

It's no secret that I adore Threadless's work. Here, you can find hot lil' numbers at an affordable price that are as creative as they are unique. Lovin' the democratization of it all: Folks can vote on designs & everyone has an equal shot at havin' their designs printed on a tee, hoodie, or onesie. Oh man. Wouldn't it be awesome to one day have adult onesies sold on the site? I drool at the thought.

Threadless pick of the day = My Striped Shirt by Tang Yau Hoong

One more by the same artist? Aight : 5.

Hoong's Flickr


Striped shirts said...

These striped shirts are so cool. Is the first one available in mens ?

LBeezee said...

Yes! This stellar shirt is indeed available in mens sizes.