Monday, October 12, 2009

Urban Sketchers -- Travel the World

Love, love, love the concept of the Urban Sketchers blog.

This blog is composed of entries crafted by an international collective of artists who draw what they see. Here, you can "see the world one drawing at a time." Really, I swoon over the lil' descriptions of the places -- how people ended up where they were, the difficulty involve with drawing folks in movement, the travels of the day -- and the diversity of the work. Each artist clearly has their own style and approach to work, and it definitely shows. Two folks could draw the same site from the same perch, and the images would veer in style, perspective, and focus. Love that: obvious but proof of the obvious makes it all seem so new. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Don't Get Soap In Your Eyes. You know the drill. Get lost in this blog.

"After climbing Arthur's seat on a glorious start to Autumn we sat in the secluded cafe at the bottom of the royal mile looking out to the Scottish Parliament. Interestingly you can read the Parliament website in Scots as well as Gaelic."

"This week on the drawing course we spent the morning backstage at the Royal Opera House, drawing a fight class and vocalist rehearsals."

"Little street between tall buildings, the ground never see the sun light, the shadows are deep."

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