Monday, November 2, 2009

Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gaga

Christopher Walken performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face?!"

Is it weird that I really enjoy his voice? I'd love for him to take on some famous poets. Maybe he could do it on the sly. Hey Walken? Do you like poetry? I could give you some gritty bits.


Lora said...

I do a little happy dance whenever Walken shows up in something I'm watching, especially if I'm not expecting it.

LBeezee said...

Agreed! Agreed! Even at his worst, he's the best.

I love how he punctuates each word: I really think he should read books on tape. I'd listen.

Lora said...

So would I. He's in "Catch Me if You Can", as the lead character's father. His delivery of his lines put a weird, subversive spin on his character.

I would definitely listen to Walken on tape, along with Morgan Freema(e)n, and Jude Law.

Anonymous said...

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