Thursday, January 14, 2010

Katharine Coles, Christina Ung, and Maya Angelou


Don’t consult the cost.
Rather, mind the body.
Course, occluded, lost

In its heedlessness
It finds itself: too heady
To consult the cost.

Balance grace and dross;
Weigh desire and duty.
Cursed, occult, lost

In my nakedness —
Mea culpa. Steady.
I can’t account the cost

Of what I’ve won. At least
I kept my word. I’d stay
Any course to lose

Everything like this,
To be every body’s
Curse. I cut my losses.
I do not mind the cost.

-- Katharine Coles
Originally in The Antioch Review
Christina Ung
School Bully
Some of my poetry pals may loathe Maya Angelou -- you know how writers can be -- but I don't care. H8ers to the left! H8ers to the right! I like this poster. I like this quotation. What.

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