Friday, January 15, 2010

Language-Based Art & Longing

Always been a sucker for word-based art.
You knowz it. Too much poetryz & whatnot.

See, I'm not the sort to cling to what has been -- this past that is waxed so shiny and new. I used to cling to past memories -- oh, I wish I could have time traveled -- but something changed. I'm content now to consider the future. In fact, one thing I'd like to work on is existing in the present more than the future -- to find contentment while also reaching for more and more.

I do not long for past memories, but I do long for people and places -- you know, the confetti-like folks and glorious peaks and sand of our "happy places." I miss landscapes. I miss certain views. I can drive a stretch of land and feel my body respond to it. I drive a lot -- miles and miles -- and sometimes I'll talk on the phone and sing loudly to music and forget where I am only for my body to tell me I'm approaching exit 146 on I-81 or am about to cross the bridge onto Cape Cod. Ah, the physicality of longing.

I don't need no time traveling: Teleportation is where it's at.

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