Sunday, January 17, 2010


Is it weird that I love tattoos but don't have a single one of my own? Simple answer: yes.

I have a hard time choosing which tattoo I'd want and who I'd like to ink it. I've seen as many UGLY -- sad by true -- tattoos as I've seen true art. It's kind of terrifying to think you could walk in with an idea and walk out with what looks like a melted piece of cheese inked on your skin. Or maybe that's just my own tattoo-related anxiety speaking.

Permanence scares me a bit: I think it's why I've lived in so many different zip codes and travel as much as I do. To choose something that stays FOREVER is a thought that plays dangerous games with my blood pressure. Currently, I want no commitments, and thus, I think I've been unable to choose a single image I want inked forever.

And as much as I am scared of committments, I have them: I write every single day, stay in touch with nearly all of the kids & teens with whom I'm close from camp, support my alma mater, & manage to make plans that are more than a few days away (though, to be fair, the last thing makes me a lil' itchy & grumpy, though I'm nearly always glad I made the plans once I'm doing them).

Let's just boil this conversation down to the fact that I'd worry I'd walk out of the parlor with one or both of the following two things: 1. an UGLY tattoo that I'd have forever or 2. an allergic reaction to the ink (some context: I'm allergic to many, many things).

Thus, I swoon over other folks' ink! Lemme curate some prettiness:

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