Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pocketful by A.E. Swaney & Carapace by Brian Jungen

Pocketful by A.E. Swaney

The day the hospice nurse advised
removal of his wife's belongings

for his sake
the long boughs of her blouses

the curved pale bottles of perfume
her tulipwood jewelry box

he began to slip small items
into the fall of his front shirt pocket

curious the weight of
a beaded eyeglass chain

a green pillbox
one threadbare ankle sock

a plastic comb certainly
the round of her wedding ring

rivering inside the cloth
nearly enough

-A.E. Swaney
I would like this in my backyard. I would stay in it and write & read and be happy. One of my favorite childhood activities was making forts out of clothing and blankets or crafting snow-based fortresses. Also, who doesn't want a fort that it one part turtle shell and one part igloo?

"Carapace is an igloo-like structure resembling a turtle shell made up of an assortment of industrial waste bins. Artist Brian Jungen takes familiar trash and recycling containers and creates a structure that can contain us."

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