Monday, January 31, 2011

Tad Lauritzen Wright, Pencil Tree, & Remembering

There’s something about driving that soothes me, gives me the space to revisit memories. My life is very full – I am very thankful, too – but driving forces me to calm down, to think, and to remember what is important.

For a long time, I desperately clung to memories. I saved everything. I tried to write everything down. & then life sped up and some of this hoarding had to stop. My family doesn’t talk about the past, but I want to know and remember.

Poverty lends itself to a live-in-the-moment style of living. I’m pushing past this: not just socioeconomically but also with speaking & sharing and remembering where I came from, how I’ve grown, and who helped me along the way.

Don’t let me forget.

by Tad Lauritzen Wright

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