Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow & action

“What you are will show in what you do.”

-- Thomas Edison

Leadership and reliability can be frustrating and lonely endeavors, and they can be fulfilling and real and beautiful, too. Inspiration: we talked about this once a class I took in grad. school: Conceptual Art.

Here, we kept inspiration journals, looked at them, and talked about the role of the artists. How can you keep going when you're alone a lot of the time? The same goes for leadership -- whether young and in a club or older and a supervisor. I suppose it links to self-definition, pay it forward, and effort.
There is so much snow barreling towards New England. I am in the house, hoodie and sweats in place, and I refuse to go out. There's something nice about this: being forced inside, taking the time to read. I missed this. What I don't miss? Dangerous driving conditions. Shoveling. Slipping. The left headlight of my car blown because I slid into a snow bank (at my house, in my parking spot: disappointing).

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