Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"Heightened language—one possible or partial definition of poetry—isn’t the first thing one associates with comics. Yet comic book artists take into account the way words appear on the page to a degree poets will find familiar. How many lines should accompany each image? How high should the dialogue balloon float? The ratio of printed words to blank space plays a role in whether a poem or strip succeeds."

How smart is this? Melding comics and poetry?
I’d use the word genius if I believed in the word.
Think about it: the line is integral to each genre.

Panel six of A.E. Stallings’s poem as interpreted by R.Rikuo Johnson.
Click away: The Poetry Foundation by way of Poetry Hut Blog.
If you want to see Stallings's poem in its original format: Click Here.

Want more? I do.

Gabrielle Bell and Emily Dickinson

Go see Paul Hornschemeir and Ted Hooser’s take of “The Giant Slide.”

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