Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Treehouses. Srsly.

In college, my friends and I often joked about reconvening and spending our days living in a glorious treehouse. AS can back me up on this: she’s the point person/floor plan designer.

Linda Aldredge’s treehouse retreat.

And of course, there are more options. Want to rent a treehouse? Well, you have the chance.

Outa the Woods is a rentable treehouse on the eastern edge of British Columbia, built 15 feet above the ground on seven trees. While unique, the fully-furnished vacation spot is also a study in green, compact living.

Instead of a hotel suite, you can stay in this treehouse’s sleek bedroom.

Do you want to build a treehouse?
Fret no more; there are tons of designs from which to grab inspiration!

Come on: ya gotta admit this is cool.

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