Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prince Edward Island = Poetry

and no, I don’t mean Avonlea (though it was a nice show: how amazing and feisty was Sarah Polley's character?).

This man is the Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island, and he’s hard at work spreading the good word(s) about poetry:

“Saying he has a mandate to make poetry more accessible, P.E.I.'s poet laureate has launched a website where Islanders can share their work. Nearly 40 poets from across P.E.I. have already posted to the new "community website," which was launched last week.

David Helwig, appointed in January to a two-year term as poet laureate, said he hopes as many people will read the website as post to it.

"There's a danger in this world that there are more people that want to write poetry than want to read it," said Helwig.

"But you know there are lots of people sending in poems. I hope lots of people will click on it."

The website allows for several methods of navigation, by current or historical poets, poetry for children, or allowing the site to select a random poem for you. The site also includes suggested readings, and audio and video clips of poets performing their own work.”

Source via Poetry Hut

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