Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Fedex: Do Better.

Yeah, I'm bitter. Fedex lost a pricey purchase of mine two months ago and tried to blame it on the sender (really? well, they have the receipt from when they sent it to y'all...). I think the following is an excellent sort of retaliation. I might have to send my own package.

The sender says:

"Last week FedEx failed to deliver my ISTD submission from Australia to London. They had my package in their store all week and failed to notify me that it had not been sent! So, along with a letter of complaint, they will receive the box (which never got sent) covered with hand-drawn type expressing my anger. Typomania at its worst!"


Anonymous said...

most shippers are self righteous and they tend to blame the carrier, when in fact it was the shipper that either filled something out incorrectly on the shipping docs, or failed to secure the ship to address on the box, outside of the fedex labels. All but to often these shipments end up in an overgoods department where they can be retrieved with a product description etc. Also I have seen where the shipper did not even ship the package or shipped the empty box and blamed FedEx/UPS so they could get the money back for the product

LBeezee said...

You know, I think you bring up some valid points about the blame game. In my circumstance, I was just as made at the shipper as I was at Fedex: the blame game involve pointed fingers but with no solution. I did try what you suggested (i.e. overgoods), but to no avail.

Still, no matter the situation, I still think this response was creative and interesting. I know a lot of people who have issues but never bother to contact the appropriate folks.