Monday, February 23, 2009

Photography in Motion: Zach Gold

This is certainly one of the strangest images I've seen today.
Funny how such a straightforward image can seem so strange.
Oh wait, no: It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It's the strangest piece of art I've seen today. I need to be more specific. Today is Lundi Gras: You don't even know how insane the city is unless you've been here for it.

I really can't think of the last time action or motion was so realistically captured. I see it in paintings and illustrations -- all of those strokes, all that color -- but Gold really manages to zero in on the moment right before the creschendo of action. Impressive.

Artist = Zach Gold
(If you follow the link, you'll see much of his art seems to be about collision/movement: I suggest you look into this.)

EDIT: Oh! Look at this piece by Gold!
Here's his website: I hope you're ready!

Oh, and if you like the US version of The Office, then go to the man's website. He has some sweet images of those loveable if awkward folks under the Comission 2 section.

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